Katheryn Glade
Concept Artist/Illustrator

Email: katherynglade@ksanstudio.com
Phone: 708-497-5245


To be part of a team that creates fun and imaginative games while continuing to grow as an artist.


Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration
Minor in Dance Performance
Northern Illinois University
December 2006
Deans List 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, & 2006

Work Experience

Half-Life 2 mod work: The Wastes, 2006
Character and Environmental concept artist.

Artist Assistant to Cheryl Holz, 2004-2006
I was assisting in hanging, lighting, and selling art. Responsible for organizing and digitizing mailing lists as well.

Independent Muralist, 2002-Present.
I contract out jobs for murals. Past work has included kid's rooms, landscapes and replications of famous art.

Wrestling Mask Design 2007
Contracted to design 2 luchador type masks for an amateur wrestler based on a clown theme.

Cherry Blossom Installation Piece 2008
Contracted to paint a 36 panel wall canvas installation of a cherry blossom tree with acrylic paint. Responsible for design and execution. The art hangs at Bliss Frozen Yogurt in Lewisville, TX.

Logo Design for GameoverRated.com 2008
I was contracted to design a logo header and rating stamps for and upcoming game review site. Logo and stamps were executed in Adobe Illustrator.


Digital: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, Alias Sketchbook Pro

Traditional: Acrylic, Oils, Watercolor, Graphite, Pen and Ink, Markers, Colored Pencil, Pastels, Basic Ceramics

Bonus: Spanish Language Skill, Basic Japanese Language, Microsoft Office, Expedient Worker

Awards & Shows

2002 Northern Illinois Alumni Scholarship Award
2005 Frances Gates Memorial Watercolor Scholarship
2005 ARS Nova Juried Show, Jack Arends Gallery
2006 BFA Show Jack Arends Gallery, Northern Illinois University

References available upon request.